We provide services individualized to YOUR personal weight loss goals;

Our comprehensive programs include instruction on nutrition and effective exercise. Upon entering the program we will obtain  complete medical history, dietary history, and physical examination. Blood work (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel,CBC,Lipid Panel/Iron)will also be needed to assess your health and medical needs. An electrocardiogram (EKG) and a body composition analysis (ELG) will be preformed. After these evaluations, a program for safe and effective weight loss will be given.  

We want everyone to be involved in their own health maintenance program. Everyone who joins our practice will start with the physical exams but will then have periodic check ups to watch for problems and to modify the program. Additional tests may be recommended and also medications to assist you will be discussed if you desire.

          We offer:  
Food & Nutritional Supplements to achieve maximum success
  Very Low Calorie Protein Rich Meal Replacements & Snacks
 It is difficult to get all the  daily necessary micro nutrients; amino acids, vitamins and minerals, from the food we eat, especially on restricted dietary program. We offer supplement to help:
Brain function & lower cholesterol
Muscle aches & cramps
(needed if you are taking some types of water pills)
Metabolism & nerve function
Digestion/Irritable gastric systems
Natural vegetable product for constipaton
Hair/skin health & Energy
Daily Multi-Vitamin(no iron)
Vitamin B-12 injection
Lipotropic Nutrients Injection
($15 each or 3 for $25)
(fat burning/protect nerves/muscles)
Our meals replacements & supplements TASTE GOOD, provide adequate protein, carbohydrate good fat and vitamins to avoid malnutrition, and prevent hunger by satisfying cravings.
 Nutrition visits:    
 $10 - $20 per visit 
5 --visits for $ 60/10--visits for $ 99
We look forward to working with you and getting to know you. We can work together to help you live the satisfying life that you deserve.